17 Jan 2013

Traveling – a decision making booth camp!


The ability to make decisions is becoming more and more important in our society, with thousands of opportunities and information on which decisions have to be based. Therefore, avoiding paralysis through analysis and being able to make decisions on the fly is a crucial skill. Unfortunately, our formal education doesn’t prepare young people for decision making. Hence, finding ways to exercise our “decision making muscles” is a key. But how can you do that?

If I need to find a person with good decision making skills, lots of independent traveling experience is an indicator that someone is at ease taking decisions: When traveling, you need to take many decisions, from dusk till dawn: Where to eat breakfast, what to do, which transport system to take, who to join, what to focus on, which classes to take, where to stay, where to go next etc.

Please note, that with decision making skill, I define not only the slow analytic decision making ability, but also the gut-based decision makinghttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intuition_and_decision-making. This involves first of all trusting your gut and then having the penchent to action. Conclusion: One of the most important skills you need can be acquired through one of the most fun activities: traveling!