6 Feb 2013

Efficiency with Cloud-based to do list


Imagine you can have your to do list available anywhere you go, on you phone, tablet or computer. Moreover, you can share to do lists with your colleagues, employees or even your partner!

After having tried different Apps, I found this cloud based miracle withwww.wunderlist.com it is just perfect!

How do I structure my wunderlist?

I have the following lists:

  • Today (mostly stuff to do on computer)
  • Longterm (things which are not urgent)
  • Calls Asia-Europe (calls to do in the same time zones)
  • Calls America
  • Outside (things to buy, to do outside)
  • Home (home activities)
  • Ideas (anything crossing my mind – if not it is quick gone  )
  • Discuss with business Partner (to avoid disturbing repeated calls
  • Tasks Employee 1 (for both is clear what has to be done)
  • Tasks Employee 2

and then

  • Specific projects
  • or inputs for recurring items such as newsletter ideas etc.

Batching to do items by type of activity such as calling to Americas help me be more effective by using the flow of the same type of activity. Not only is multitasking highly ineffective, every activity needs different mental state. For example when calling you have to be communicative and cheered up, while responding emails you have to be calm and focused.

To summarise, I’m not paid by Wunderkinder to post this, but deeply believe that this is a useful tool for everyone who want things getting done and make a dent in the Universe