16 May 2018

Increase the “Orange Factor” in our lives…


Once I haven seen a TV interview where the Russian Oligarch Viktor Vekselberg had been asked if there is something in his life he cannot buy, even with all the money, business jets and houses he owns around the world. Mr. Vekselberg responded that as a boy in the former Soviet Union, only once a year in Christmas his parents where able to buy him an orange. The thrill of anticipation, the incredible smell and the joy when he received this orange – with all money he has on earth, he was never again able to replicate this pleasant experience.

Highly impressed by this statement, I call it now the “Orange factor”. What can we do to increase the orange factor in our lives? It is indeed a tough undertaking in our times with overconsumption and inundation of our senses… I personally try to materially simplify my life. For example I try to live with only one carry on luggage, even if I’m traveling for over a few months. I also try to (with emphasis on try  ) meditate daily and conscientiously express my gratitude for everything I have, even the smallest things.

I also believe that consciously expose myself to scarcity is something which can increase the orange factor. Maybe I’m going again on a survival expedition like I did once in the Colombian mountains. I really enjoyed again the comfort of a simple toilet when being back in civilisation. What do you do to increase your “Orange factor”?

I’m happy to hear your comments.

Viktor Meier